What is Syndicate Betting?

Syndicate Betting is a website that’s designed as a great way to get find and join like-minded sports betting enthusiasts.

As a user, you’ll be able to access feeds from various sports including news anything sports related including current climate conditions.

As a member of a Syndicate you’ll discuss various sports within a group of members and pool your knowledge to make informed betting decisions. Even if you’ve never bet on sports before, you’ll be able to follow the conversation and learn what goes into a sports bet process.

Syndicate Betting was created to give members and users alike a place where you can create a collective mind on sports. Where you can engage professionals in their fields to get their input, view stories and discuss its impact on a sport of specific event.

As a Syndicate owner or starting one for yourself for the first time. We’ve taken the hard work out of the process.

You can create a Syndicate, invite members or post and share a video about your syndicate and why members should join in your Syndicate. You can add in paid feed and watch sports live inside your Syndicate with your members. Like you’re all at the event together.

Because we’re not affiliated with any one betting site or agency, we’re going to bring them all together in the one place. You’ll be able to check the latest odds from all agencies without leaving the syndicates home page. You can purchase feeds from tipsters in sporting fields you don’t know much about or ask then join become a part of your syndicate.

We’ll manage the funds in and out of the Syndicate. So you’re members and you have full transparency on your investment.

We’ll set up statistics and run completions on Syndicates, so the members can see who is delivering the best returns. So, the Syndicates benefit from their overall performance. We don’t expect all Syndicates to be even, so these statistics won’t just be based on wins and returns.

We’ll have dedicated pages for sports events in all categories. If you can bet on it, we’ll make sure you’re informed.

  • You can sell your own content back into the other Syndicates and create your own feeds.
  • You can purchase PPV tickets to host in your syndicates for all the top sporting events.
  • We will have a market place for sporting memorabilia that can be bought or traded

Syndicates are free to set up.