1. General 

SYNDICATE BETTING (referred to as “SYNDICATE BETTING“, “we”, “us”, “our”) is the owner of this Site. 

By accessing or using this Site, whether as a “visitor” (where you browse through the Site without being registered) or as a “member” (where you have registered to be a member of the Site), you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions as amended from time to time and all applicable laws and regulations that govern this Site, the content of this Site and the activities undertaken on or through this Site. 

These Terms and Conditions are also governed by: (a) our Privacy Policy which is expressly incorporated into these Terms and Conditions by this reference; and (b) any guidelines, rules or disclaimers that may be posted and updated on the Site (or any part thereof) from time to time or on notices that we send to you. 

Your right to access this Site is granted at the sole discretion of SYNDICATE BETTING. SYNDICATE BETTING reserves the right to revoke or limit your access to this Site, or participate in any Syndicate Betting run from this Site or to use any software belonging to SYNDICATE BETTING, at any time and in the sole and absolute discretion of SYNDICATE BETTING, without providing prior notice or reasons to you. SYNDICATE BETTING accepts no responsibility for any damage or loss that may be caused to you or any third party as a result of SYNDICATE BETTING exercising this right. 

  1. Definitions 

In these Terms and Conditions, unless inconsistent with the context: 

“Betting Funds” means the funds that are deposited by Members of a Syndicate for the purpose of being transferred into the Syndicate Betting Account in accordance with the Participation Rules; 

“Betting Period” means the time frame in which Members must place their bets for the Syndicate Betting when it is the turn of that Member to bet, such time frame to be determined in accordance with the Participation Rules; 

“General Member” means a Member who is not a owner; 

“SYNDICATE BETTING” means Syndicate Betting Pty Ltd ______________; 

SYNDICATE BETTING Software” means all of the software used on or in conjunction with, or referred to, on this Site or related websites; 

Owner” means the Owner/Admin of the Syndicate Betting, being a Member who sets up the Syndicate Betting Syndicate; 

“Member” means any person who joins and becomes a member of a Syndicate, including General Members and Owners; 

“User” means any SYNDICATE BETTING Site user not part of a Syndicate 

“Participation Rules” means the rules governing participation by Members in a Syndicate Betting and the way in which the Syndicate Betting shall operate as determined by the Owner and referred to in clause 7 below; 

“Payout Figure” means the amount payed to a Member who chooses to draw their stake from the Syndicate. The Payout Figure is calculated by the SYNDICATE BETTING Software as follows: CA + RS + SMS Costs Where: CA refers to the amount contributed by a Member that has been banked for the benefit of the Syndicate Betting; RS refers to the sum of your relevant shares of the winnings of the Syndicate Betting, where your share for each betting period is calculated as a percentage of the total Syndicate Betting winnings where the percentage equals your Syndicate Betting contribution divided by the sum of all Members contributions for the round; 

“Personal Account” means the personal account opened by each Member with the Site to hold funds; 

“Personal Winnings Amount” means the amount that may be claimed by a Member as winnings through the relevant Syndicate; 

“Syndicate” means any Syndicate set up on this Site or any other website using the SYNDICATE BETTING Software, where a “Syndicate” is a group of people who wish to bet together under rules, agreed by all members of the group, which determine betting responsibilities, funds contributed into the Syndicate and time periods in which designated betters can bet.; 

“Syndicate Bank” means the total of funds contributed by Members for Syndicate savings and any winnings from Syndicate betting accounts transferred at the end of the betting period. 

“Syndicate Betting Account” means the betting account that is opened by the Owner with Agencies through the Site, being the account through which all bets of the Syndicate Betting will be made; 

“Agencies” Means any third-party online betting Agent 

“Syndicate Contribution” means funds debited from a Member’s nominated account or credit card as per the Participation Rules. These funds include Betting Funds and may also include Syndicate Betting savings. 

“Syndicate Fees” means any charge a Syndicate Owner has for joining a syndicate.  

“Syndicate Savings” means Syndicate Contributions which are specifically allocated to savings for the Syndicate Betting. These funds cannot be bet by the Syndicate. 

“Relevant Purchases” means purchases that are made by Members on or through this Site including SMS Costs; 

“Site” means this website; 

“SMS Costs” means all out-of-pocket expenses attributable to a Member and incurred by SYNDICATE BETTING, or an entity associated with SYNDICATE BETTING, in communicating with that Member by way of text message through a mobile telephone device; 

“Terms and Conditions” means these terms and conditions as amended from time to time, being the terms and conditions governing the use of this Site by any person or entity; 

  1. Modifications of Terms and Conditions 

SYNDICATE BETTING reserves the right to amend, vary, change, modify, add or remove all or any portion of the Terms and Conditions in its sole and absolute discretion at any time and without prior notice to you. Any changes will operate prospectively. Your continued use of the Site is taken to be implied acceptance by you of the Terms and Conditions as modified from time to time. Please check this page periodically for any modifications. You must refrain from using this Site if you do not agree with or if you do not accept any of these Terms and Conditions. 

  1.  Information Provided by You 

In the course of using this Site, you may be required to provide us with certain information, including as part of the sign-up process. It is your responsibility to provide us with information that is accurate, complete and correct. SYNDICATE BETTING takes no responsibility for any errors that may occur as a result of you providing SYNDICATE BETTING with incorrect, incomplete, outdated or otherwise invalid information. 

Any personal information supplied by you through this Site at the request of SYNDICATE BETTING will be used by SYNDICATE BETTING in accordance with its privacy policy. Please refer to the privacy policy on this Site for further information relating to our treatment of your personal information. 


SYNDICATE BETTING is the owner of, and has absolute title to all SYNDICATE BETTING Software. 

  1. Syndicate Betting Concept 

This Site facilitates the organisation and administration of Syndicate Betting. This Site offers you the opportunity to start and manage your own Syndicate and/or join a Syndicate. In respect of any Syndicate, the Owner will be responsible for setting the Participation Rules. 

Whilst this Site facilitates the set up and administration of Syndicate, no bets are placed through this Site. All bets are placed with a third-party Agency, licensed in their own right 

  1. Participation Rules 

All Members, whether owners or General Members, are bound by specific rules which govern participation in a Syndicate. These rules are proposed by the Owner, agreed to by you as a Member and will be applied in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. Additional rules may be introduced from time-to-time by the Owner and General Members agree to these changes through their ongoing participation in the Syndicate. It is each General Members responsibility to keep updated with any changes to Syndicate rules. 

  1. Creating a Syndicate 

In order to create a Syndicate, a prospective Owner must apply to SYNDICATE BETTING to create a Syndicate, including completing the application form available on this Site which requests certain personal information, including credit card details and identification instructions. Any application to create a Syndicate by a prospective Owner must be approved by SYNDICATE BETTING. SYNDICATE BETTING may refuse to accept an application to create a Syndicate on any grounds whatsoever in the sole discretion of that party, without any need to disclose any reason. 

  1. Membership 

There are two (2) different types of members in any Syndicate, being: (a) the Owner; and (b) General Members. 

  1. Registration Information 

(a) SYNDICATE BETTING will create and maintain a register of Syndicates and, for each Syndicate, the full name and address of the Owner. (b) SYNDICATE BETTING will create and maintain a register of Members, and for each Member, the full name and address of the Member and the Syndicate to which the Member belongs 

Please note that the registers created and maintained by SYNDICATE BETTING under this clause will be created and maintained in reliance on the information provided to Syndicate by Members. 

  1. Charge backs 

We reserve the right to recover any costs associated with charge backs for disputed credit card transactions. Charge back recovery includes the actual disputed amount and any costs incurred from banking institutions at a minimum. 

  1. Owner Responsibilities 

Each Syndicate must have a owner and there is only one owner in each Syndicate. The Owner is responsible for: (a) the administration of the Syndicate; (b) being the point of contact in relation to the Syndicate; (c) ensuring that all of the details of the Syndicate are maintained and kept up-to-date through this Site; and (d) inviting candidates, or potential candidates, to apply for membership of the relevant Syndicate as a General Member; (e) reviewing and then accepting or rejecting applications for membership of the relevant Syndicate lodged by prospective General Members. 

If you are an owner of a Syndicate, you are automatically deemed to be a Member and are therefore bound by all Participation Rules and requirements imposed on General Members, including as set out below. 

  1. General Member Responsibilities 

An application for general membership by a Member must be approved by the Owner and SYNDICATE BETTING. Any one or more may refuse to accept an application for general membership on any grounds whatsoever in the sole discretion of that party, without any need to disclose any reason. 

In order to be eligible to be considered for membership as a General Member of a Syndicate, any prospective Member, must: (a) complete the application form available on this Site which requests certain personal information, including credit card details; (b) be approved by the Owner of that Syndicate or be invited by the Owner if the Syndicate is a private Syndicate; (c) provide approval for ongoing debits to their nominated credit card for agreed contributions to the Syndicates Bank and for other agreed expenses and including SMS Costs; (d) agree to be bound absolutely by the Participation Rules. 

Each deposit which is not turned over as part of an operating Syndicate will be charged a $5 administration fee when it is cashed out or refunded. For example, 5 deposits not turned over will incur a fee of $25 (5 x $5) when cashed out or refunded. 

  1. Owner Rights 

In addition to the rights afforded to General Members, as set out below, Mangers shall each have the following rights in relation to their respective Syndicate: (a) to accept or reject applications for membership of the Syndicate lodged by prospective General Members and invite people to become members of the Syndicate; (b) to suspend or expel Members of the Syndicate (subject to the procedures set out in clause 20; (c) to set the Participation Rules to govern the operations of the Syndicate; (d) to nominate a General Member to be appointed as Owner of the Syndicate; and (e) to close the Syndicate in accordance with clause 21. (f) to change certain Participation rules of the Syndicate 

  1. General Member Rights 

Members shall each have the following rights in relation to their respective Syndicate: (a) access the members-only section of this Site in order to view the information relevant to that Member’s Syndicate Betting, including the Betting Facility; (b) participate in the betting process described in clause 18; (c) participate in online social networking between Members of that Syndicate or their own personal feed; (d) to be notified of any changes proposed to be made by the Owner to the Participation Rules governing that Syndicate; and (e) be nominated and accept nomination as the Owner of the Syndicate (on the understanding that once a General Member is appointed as Owner, the rights and obligations set out above in relation to Owners shall apply to the General Member in his or her role as Owner from the date of appointment). (f) to request receipt of their Payout-figure and leave the Syndicate. (g) Any member or owner may leave a syndicate with at least 4 days’ notice at the end of each month (h) all funds must be settled before an owner or member can leave a Syndicate 

  1. Member Access to Funds 

Members can cash out of the Syndicate Account at the end of each month. They must give at least 4 days’ notice to the owner of the syndicate. Any amounts that a Member elects to cash out of the Syndicate Account shall be transferred to the Personal Account of that Member and the Member may then elect to withdraw those funds from the Personal Account at any time. 

  1. Syndicate Betting Account 

A Syndicate Betting Account is opened automatically on the on the Owners behalf when they start a Syndicate. SYNDICATE BETTING shall make deposits and withdrawals in respect of each Syndicate in accordance with the Participation Rules. All bets must be placed by Members in accordance with the Participation Rules. 

  1. Personal Accounts 

You will be required to open a Personal Account prior to becoming a Member of a Syndicate. Members will be able to access their Personal Accounts securely through this Site. All activities in relation to the Personal Accounts are governed by the terms of use on the site, other than authorised debits in relation to the Syndicate Betting or for additional products purchased.  

For each Member, Syndicate Betting will request the creation of a Personal Account with Syndicate Betting. Each Member will only ever have one Personal Account, regardless of the number of Syndicates to which the Member belongs. 

  1. Transaction Records 

For each Syndicate, SYNDICATE BETTING will create and maintain the following: (a) the Syndicate Betting Bank; (b) the Syndicate Betting Account; (c) a history of transactions and a running total of funds accumulated by the Syndicate in the Syndicate Betting Bank and the Personal Account; and (d) a system identifying the Owner and the current and next Members to place bets on behalf of the Syndicate. 

Other than as outlined above, SYNDICATE BETTING has no obligation to maintain any other records. 

  1. Betting 


Generally, and subject to the Participation Rules applicable to each Syndicate, betting will occur as follows:  

  1. (a) SYNDICATE BETTING will arrange the transfer of the amount of the Syndicate Contribution from the account or credit card nominated by each Member of the Syndicate, to the Syndicate Bank Account of the Syndicate;  
  1.  at the start of each Betting Period, SYNDICATE BETTING will transfer an amount equivalent to the amount of the Betting Funds from the Syndicate Betting Bank to the Syndicate owner whose is to bet on behalf of the Syndicate for the Betting Period using the Betting Funds in the Syndicate Owners Account;  
  1. once the Betting Period expires, it is the Syndicate owner’s responsibility to transfer any winnings from the bets placed by Members will be added to the Syndicate Betting Account;  
  1. The funds will then be distributed back to the nominated accounts of the Syndicate Members 
  1. The only funds that may remain in the owners account is the next betting cycle’s betting funds and the Syndicate owners’ fees for service 
  1. In the event that the funds are not transferred back a freeze will be placed on the syndicate till all accounts have been settled. The time frame for this will be based on the funds being paid back to its members.  


  1. I Non-Payment of Syndicate Betting Contribution  

n the event that SYNDICATE BETTING Is not able to transfer the Syndicate Contribution or any Member to the Syndicate Bank or the Betting Funds from the Syndicate Bank to the Syndicate Betting Account for any reason, including that the Member has supplied incorrect credit card information to SYNDICATE BETTING or that the credit card is declined, this may affect the ability of the Member or the Syndicate Betting to participate in betting. In these circumstances, SYNDICATE BETTING will not be held liable for any loss suffered by the Member or the Syndicate, including for loss of opportunity or for lost winnings. 

  1. Resignations from Syndicate 

A Member may resign from membership of a Syndicate Betting through the Site and in accordance with clause 15. 

  1. Suspension or Expulsion from Syndicate 

If, for any reason, an Owner or SYNDICATE BETTING, or both, determine that a Member should be suspended or expelled from the Syndicate, and the relevant Member is not able to satisfy the Owner and SYNDICATE BETTING that the Member should not be suspended or expelled, then the Owner or SYNDICATE BETTING, or both, may in their absolute discretion decide to suspend or expel that Member. The Member shall be notified in writing of any decision to suspend or expel the Member (without any requirement to provide any explanation) and the suspension or expulsion shall take effect immediately from the date of that notice in writing. In the event of a Member being expelled, the Member will receive the Payout Figure which the Member would have been entitled had that Member resigned, except where the expulsion results from fraud or suspected fraud by the Member (and then only to the extent that the fraudulent conduct justifies withholding any or all of the Payout Figure as determined in the sole discretion of SYNDICATE BETTING). 

  1. Closing a Syndicate 

Owners, may close a Syndicate at any time, at which point:  

  1. all Members will be deemed to have resigned from the Syndicate (and their accounts processed accordingly); 
  1. the Syndicate Betting Bank for the Syndicate will be closed; and 
  1. access to the Syndicate Betting will be cancelled. 


  1. Errors 

Whilst we will use our best endeavors at all times to avoid the miscalculation of amounts or the incorrect transfer, withdrawal or deposit of funds, in the event that such an error occurs, you must immediately notify SYNDICATE BETTING of the error. You agree to indemnify and keep indemnified SYNDICATE BETTING in respect of any financial gain that you receive as a result of any systemic, technological or human error and must do all things necessary to assist SYNDICATE BETTING to rectify any such error. 

  1. Materials Provided to Us or Posted on or Through the Site by You 

We appreciate any suggestions (“Unsolicited Ideas”) you may have regarding ways in which this Site may be improved or materials which we may add to this Site. Any Unsolicited Ideas that you submit or communicate to us will not be regarded as confidential and will become our property. We may use, reproduce, disclose, publish, modify, adapt and transmit Unsolicited Ideas to others, without restriction or any obligation to compensate you. 

SYNDICATE BETTING does not claim any ownership rights in the texts, files, images, photos, videos, sounds, musical works, works of authorship, applications, or any other materials or information (“User Content”) that you post, upload, transmit, display, publish, input or submit on or through the Site (“Submission”). 

We are not responsible for the content or accuracy of any User Content or Submission. In consideration of SYNDICATE BETTING permitting you to do any posting, uploading, inputting, transmitting, displaying, publishing, providing or submitting (“Posting”) of your Submission or User Content to the Site, you grant to us, our affiliated companies and sublicenses an irrevocable license, for no fee, to display (whether publicly or otherwise), publish, delete, modify, vary, amend, add to, reproduce and distribute and otherwise use in our sole and absolute discretion (without restriction or any obligation to remunerate or compensate you) your Submission or the User Content in any format in connection with the operation of our respective businesses (including, without limitation, the Site and any related applications of the Site). 

You understand and agree that once aspects of the User Content or Submission is distributed or incorporated on or throughout the Site, SYNDICATE BETTING is under no obligation to delete that User Content or Submission or ask users of the Site to delete that User Content or Submission and therefore it may continue to appear on the Site indefinitely. 

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  1. Disputes 

You are solely responsible for your interactions with other users of the Site, third party developers or any other parties with whom you interact through the Site (or any related applications of the Site). SYNDICATE BETTING reserves the right, but has no obligation, to become involved in any way with these disputes. In the event that SYNDICATE BETTING elects to become involved with any dispute, the decision of SYNDICATE BETTING is final and no correspondence will be entered into. 

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  1. Severability 

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  1. Governing Law 

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