Yes Syndicate Betting site is responsive so works on PC and any mobile device.

No. Syndicate Betting is free to use.

We use a third party to manage that process any you have a number of options for payment, because some betting agencies now accept bitcoin we have moved away from a traditional model and you can now pay with Bitcoin anywhere in the world. We also accept payment from traditional forms as well.

You may want to join a Syndicate that bets in the US. So when you set up your account, your Syndicate Admin will be able to bet anywhere in the world with any agency as well.

You can still just simply provide your VISA, Mastercard credit card details or bank details via POLi payments securely online when you join a Syndicate and agree to the Syndicate contribution terms when using credit cards (i.e. amount and when the payment occurs). Your contribution is automatically debited according to the Syndicate terms and paid back to you the same way.

You can leave the Syndicate or suspend your Syndicate contributions at the start or the end of each month. We do not store credit card or bank details on file.

To update your card, make your next payment manually with your updated card via the “Details” tab and click “Payments” from the left side menu. Future Syndicate payments will then use your updated card for payment.

You can cash out at the end or beginning of each month. Funds are transferred to your account where you can withdraw them.

After cashing out, your funds are transferred to your personal account where you can choose to withdraw them or do with them as you please.

Yes. Syndicate owners can set Syndicate rules so that up to 5 Syndicate members bet within a betting period.

When you start or join a Syndicate at Syndicate Betting your personal account is created as part of the process. You will still need to hold an account with a betting agency or several. You will be able to find the bet inside the syndicate by using the odds feature then you will simply be taken to the third-party agency to place your bet.

That is completely up to you or your betting Syndicate. Syndicate Betting will provide the information and the feeds from betting agencies. You simply create an account and place your bets with the chosen agency. There will be promo codes and ongoing prizes from agencies all the time. Our advice set up with a number of agencies and pick the best odds for your choice. Some agencies have great odds, some offer amazing exotic bets. We’ll give you all the tools you need to find something that suits your requirements.

Syndicate Betting has a very strict privacy policy and applied the most advanced encryption technology available.

Syndicate Betting is a plan 6 years in the making and was developed with to create a place where you could enjoy the thrill of a win with your friends from all over the world. One where time or distance from an event does not matter. We have developed Syndicate Betting on the latest software platform and will constantly grow the site to continually deliver a better sports product to its users.