How it Works

Syndicates are a crowd-funded approach to pooled betting. A group of players combine their funds to create a single ticket for a sport or racing pool. The eventual payout of the ticket, is split proportionately between them based on how much they contributed.

In a Syndicate you have members and a Syndicate owner. The Syndicate owner sets the rules and invites friends to join.

Syndicate Betting has 2 categories for Syndicates

  1. Syndicate Tipping
    1. The Syndicate owner gives out tips each week for the syndicate members to bet on
    2. The members pay a fee to join and receive Tips each week.
  2. Syndicate Pools

    1. The Syndicate Owner and its members supply the tips for sports events and the winnings are distributed to the members each month, less the Syndicate owners fee for service.
    2. This fee is generally a percentage of the total pool winnings.
    3. Once the percentage is set the Syndicate owner cannot change them.
      1. Unless changed at the start of a new month
      2. The member can then decide to stay of leave a Syndicated. The pool is divided each month and paid in to the nominated accounts of each member.
    4. A monthly payment for the next month’s bets is left with the Syndicate owner unless the member intends to leave the syndicate.
    5. A monthly settlement is done to protect the investment in the syndicate from theft of fraud. At any point in time the only risk to the members is one month’s pool.
    6. Syndicate Betting does not take or hold any responsibility for the security of a syndicate’s funds. We do our best to ensure all caution is taken when allowing a Syndicate to be set up. But it is at a member’s own risk they join a Syndicate.
    7. We ask that you ask existing members of Syndicates for a Syndicate Reference and please read all reviews before you join a new Syndicate.